Quantum Minimum: 3
Dice Pool: N/A
Range: (Quantum + power rating) meters
Area: N/A
Duration: Special
Effect: Allows character to create “gates” permitting her or other characters to move without passing through the intervening space.
Multiple Actions: No

Description: Warp is similar to Teleport in many ways – it involves the same method of moving without passing through intervening space. However, whereas Teleportation normally works on one person only (the nova who possesses it), Warp creates a “gate” that anyone can use.

It takes an entire turn to create a warp; the nova may take no other actions during this turn. Warps are typically three meters square; the nova may alter the shape by one meter (either dimension) per dot. Anything that cannot Fit through the warp cannot use it. Warps are usually opened up at ground level, but a nova may create a warp anywhere within his range.

To use Warp, a nova simply spends the required quantum points. In combat or other stressful situations, a warp can teleport anyone who passes through it up to 100 meters per success; if the nova has a Full turn to concentrate, Warp can teleport persons a variable distance, as shown on the accompanying table. In either case, each point of Quantum she has counts as an additional automatic success. Passing through a warp voluntarily counts as one of a character’s actions for a turn.

Warp Distance

Successes Distance
1 2 kilometers
2 20 kilometers
3 200 kilometers
4 2000 kilometers
5 20000 kilometers
With each success over 5 multiplies the Warp distance by 10  

A nova may use Warp as an attack by opening it up in front of a target. A moving target may dodge to avoid passing through it; this dodge takes no time. A nonmoving target may be “enveloped” by the warp if the nova’s player succeeds with a Dexterity + Warp roll; the target resists that roll with an Athletics roll. Doing so is always a “combat” warp; a nova could not, for example, warp a foe into the vacuum of space unless she had a full turn to concentrate and the victim was helpless to dodge the warp.

Characters can see through the warp (unless conditions on one “side” of it prevent sight) and will know where they are going before they pass through it.

Extras: None


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