Level: 3
Quantum Minimum: 4
Dice Pool: Stamina + Shapeshift
Range: Self
Area: N/A
Duration: Maintenance
Effect: Allows character to alter her shape; the degree of alteration depends upon the successes achieved.
Multiple Actions: Yes

Description: Shapeshift is one of the most versatile nova powers. It allows a nova to use quantum energies to reshape her own body. With the proper degree of power and skill, she can turn herself into various animals, pieces of furniture or just about anything else she can think of.

Once a character has so much as a single dot in this power, she is able to alter her shape. However, she might not be able to make her transformation complete – it requires considerable precision to copy every detail of an object. An untrained nova might, for example, turn himself into a tiger but not manage to create the claws; or she could change shape into a bird but not create the wings properly, so she would not be able to fly. More experienced shapeshifters rarely have these problems.

The degree of change a character can work on her own body depends on the number of successes achieved on a Stamina + Shapeshift roll. If even one success is achieved, the character can alter her shape, but not her size or mass, and she cannot simulate any powers or Mega-Attribute enhancements. Successes beyond the first may be divided among the powers or enhancements that the character wishes to simulate. For example, if the character wants to assume the form of an eagle and rolls five successes, she could allocate one success each to Claws and Flight and two to Shrinking to simulate her eagle body. Some examples of powers and enhancements often used by shapeshifters include: Armor, Body Modification (each Body Modification costs one dot), Claws, Clinging, Flight, Growth, Shrinking and Life Support. When simulating a power that requires a roll, the character substitutes her Stamina t Shapeshift skill total for the power’s normal dice pool. A nova may put no more dots into a duplicated power than she has in the Shapeshift power; for example, a nova with Shapeshift 3 who wishes to turn her skeleton into armored plates may not convert more than three Shapeshift successes into Armor dots.

A nova can use Shapeshift to disguise herself as someone else. Looking like a generic “other person” requires only one success. Imitating a specific person requires at least two successes. Doing so allows the character to simulate the Mega-Appearance enhancement Copycat.

Note that the Storyteller is perfectly within her rights to deny simulated powers she feels are unreasonable for the shape assumed. Generally speaking, Shapeshift may duplicate only physical powers; for example, a character who shapeshifts into a dragon might well gain Sizemorph (Grow), Claws and Armor powers, but he could not gain the ability to breathe fire (Quantum Bolt).

Extras: None

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