Quantum Vampire

Quantum Vampire

Level: 2
Quantum Minimum: 3
Dice Pool: Stamina + Quantum Vampire
Range: Touch
Area: N/A
Duration: Special
Effect: A successful use transfers a defined Attribute or power from the target nova to the nova using Quantum Vampire.
Multiple Actions: Yes

Description: Quantum Vampire is similar to Quantum Leech, but it allows a nova to steal powers or abilities other than quantum points from another person (nova or not). The player must define which single power, Attribute or Trait the nova can steal when he buys the power. Quantum Vampire cannot steal Mega-Attributes or quantum powers from a dormant nova, nor can it steal quantum powers that have been affected by the Disrupt power (p. 190).

To use this power, a nova pays the normal quantum-point cost and touches the victim. The player then rolls Stamina + Quantum Vampire against the victim’s Willpower. 1f the nova wins the contest, he transfers a number of dots of the Trait equal to his number of successes from the victim to his (the nova’s) own Trait. He retains those dots of power for one hour per dot in Quantum Vampire; the victim loses them for that period of time. No Trait can be reduced below zero.

If stealing an Attribute from a victim with a MegaAttribute, the nova steals the Mega-Attribute dots first; however, the nova must transfer stolen dots to his normal Attribute (raising it to 5) before gaining the appropriate Mega-Attribute. If the energy vampire is in the Mega-Attribute range, points transferred from a similar Mega-Attribute raise the nova’s own Mega-Attribute normally; however, if stealing normal Attribute dots to raise a Mega-Attribute, the nova must steal two Attribute dots to raise the Mega-Attribute by one dot.

For Example: Abyss, with Strength 3, no MegaStrength and Quantum Vampire 4, attacks Core, who has Mega-Strength 3. Abyss hits Core and rolls three net successes. Core loses all three dots of his MegaStrength, reducing him to his normal Strength rating of 5. Abyss gains three dots of Strength, pushing him to ~ Mega-Strength 1 (Strength 4, then Strength 5, then Mega-Strength I). If Abyss uses the power on Core again, he must score two net successes (reducing Core to Strength 3) to raise his Mega-Strength to 2.

If a nova uses Quantum Vampire to steal a power or ability he does not possess on his own (for example, he leaches Quantum Bolt, but he does not possess that power himself), the nova may roll only the base Attribute – he does not get to roll any dice for the power itself. For example, if a nova leached two dots’ worth of Quantum Bolt, he would roll only his Dexterity, not Dexterity + Quantum Bolt (or Dexterity t Quantum Vampire, for that matter), when determining the power’s effects. Furthermore, he must pay an additional quantum point when using any such power.

A nova may define this power as the ability to steal “life energy” (health levels) from his victim; if this option is chosen, the target may resist with Willpower or Resistance (whichever is greater). The target takes automatic bashing damage, while the nova gains “Bruised” health levels. If Quantum Vampire reduces the target below Incapacitated, the nova may begin inflicting lethal health levels of damage with the power, gaining life-force (extra health levels) normally. Damage inflicted by Quantum Vampire is treated as normal damage and may be healed normally; this does not affect the vampiric nova’s stolen health levels.

Extras: Extended Duration (the nova keeps stolen powers for two hours per dot, and the victim loses them during that time); Multiple Traits (nova may steal dots from two Traits at once; successes rolled must be divided between the two Traits in whatever proportion the nova’s player wishes)

Extras: None


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Quantum Vampire

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