Quantum Leech

Quantum Leech

Level: 2
Quantum Minimum: 2
Dice Pool: N/A
Range: Touch
Area: N/A
Duration: lnstant
Effect: A successful use transfers (Quantum + power rating) quantum points from the target nova to the nova using Quantum Leech.
Multiple Actions: Yes

Description: Many novas fear this power, for it takes from them the one thing they treasure most – quantum power, in the Form of quantum points. To use this power, a nova pays one quantum point and touches the victim (standard contest of Dexterity if the touch is resisted). The player rolls lntelligence + Quantum Leech against the victim’s Willpower. If the nova wins the contest, he transfers a number of quantum points equal to his (Quantum + power rating) from the victim to his (the nova’s) own Quantum Pool. This transfer even allows the nova to exceed his natural Quantum Pool limit, up to twice his normal Quantum Pool; however, if the nova botches a roll to steal power exceeding his normal limits, he gains one or more points of temporary Taint. He retains those points until he uses them or becomes unconscious (including going to sleep). The nova from whom the points have been leached recovers them in the usual fashion at the normal rate.

Extras: Energy Siphon (may use Quantum Leech at a range of [Quantum + power rating] x 5 meters)


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Quantum Leech

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