A nova with Mega-Stamina is hardier, more durable and more resistant to injury than your average nova. Although not always as resilient as novas who actually buy defensive powers such as Force Field, novas with Mega-Stamina are still mighty tough. Furthermore, they tend to have a great deal of endurance; it’s almost impossible to tire them out. Some of them display little need for sleep, staying up for days at a time.

Perhaps most importantly of all, a nova with Mega-Stamina feels very little pain. Regardless of the source – injury, disease, accident – a nova with Mega-Stamina can shrug off the pain and keep on going. Unconfirmed rumors speak of novas who were so resistant to pain that they didn’t feel the effects of injury until their wounds killed them. In game terms, novas with Mega-Stamina suffer reduced dice pool penalties based on their health level, as indicated in the following table.

  • 0 - Normal: nova metabolism: You’re still pretty tough. You soak bashing and lethal damage as normal for your Stamina, but your healing rates are doubled. Base Resistance and Endurance ratings equal 3 each (be fore allocating any dots into Abilities). Lifespan 150+ years.
  • 1 – Stupendous: You can go weeks without sleep, and your healing rates are tripled. Base Resistance and Endurance ratings of 3 each. Lifespan 150+ years. Dice pool penalties due to injuries and pain are reduced by one. The character receives one extra soak against bash ing damage and one extra soak against lethal damage.
  • 2 - Amazing: Torturers despair of breaking you. Your healing rates are four times faster than a baseline’s. Base Resistance and Endurance ratings equal 3 apiece. Lifespan 150+ years. Dice pool penalties due to injuries and pain reduce by two. The character receives two extra soak against bashing damage and one extra soak against lethal damage, as well as one extra "Bruised" Health Level.
  • 3 – Incredible: Participating in a few triathalons in a row doesn't phase you. Your healing rates are 5 times those of a normal human, and your endurance and resistance ratings begin at 4 each.  Lifespan 180+ years. Dice pool penalties due to injuries and pain reduce by three. The charac ter receives three extra soak against bashing damage and two extra soak against lethal damage, as well as one extra “Bruised” health level.
  • 4 – Spectacular: Bullet practically bounce off your chest, and your healing rates are six times that of a baseline. Base Resistance and Endurance ratings equal 4 each. Lifespan 200+ years. Dice pool penalties due to injuries and pain reduce by four. The character receives four extra soak against bash ing damage and two extra soak against lethal damage, as well as two extra “Bruised” health levels.
  • 5 - Godlike: Missiles practically bounce off your chest. Your healing rates are seven times better than any normal human’s. Your base Resistance and Endurance ratings equal 5 each. Lifespan 250+ years. Dice pool penalties due to injuries and pain reduce by five. The character receives five extra soak against bashing damage and three extra soak against lethal damage, as well as three extra “Bruised” health levels.


Adaptability: This enhancement allows the nova to survive nearly any adverse environmental condition. In effect, the nova uses ambient quantum energies to evolve and bolster her body’s natural defenses, thus allowing her to survive in environments normally hostile to human life, such as the vacuum of outer space or underwater. Adaptability also allows the character to do without food, sleep or other necessities of life. Often, a nova with Adaptability spontaneously manifests gills, toughened skin or whatever Feature is needed. System: The character is able to sustain herself indefinitely on residual quantum energies, so long as she has at least one quantum point in her body. She does not need to eat, sleep or breathe, and can survive indefinitely in conditions as hostile as Death Valley, Antarctica, or outer space. She is automatically immune to most poisons, gases, diseases and drugs; against particularly virulent diseases or nova-derived poisons, she gains an extra six soak or Resistance dice. Moreover, the character’s lifespan is increased by centuries, if not more. Adaptability is normally an automatic enhancement and requires no quantum point expenditure. However, in particularly hostile environments (the vacuum of space, the bottom of the Mariana Trench, a conflagration), the character might need to spend a quantum point per scene, or even turn, of exposure. The Storyteller makes this decision. Adaptability does not confer protection against weaponry or nova attacks such as flame blasts or the like, only against natural environmental conditions.

Durability: The nova is tough as nails. Although she’s not necessarily capable of ignoring attacks outright, she instinctively channels deadly kinetic energy away from her body, rolls with otherwise lethal blows, or is otherwise capable of reducing an instant-kill attack to a “Gee, that stung” level of injury. System: Whenever the character is hit with a kinetic attack inflicting lethal damage (bullet, knife, missile, etc.), she may spend a quantum point and roll her Mega-Stamina dice against a Standard difficulty. If she succeeds, the incoming damage is converted to bashing damage, which she may soak with her bashing soak score. The character may not convert energy attacks (fire, electricity, Quantum Bolts, etc.) in this manner, nor may she use this enhancement against bashing damage applied after she is Incapacitated.

Hardbody: This enhancement offers protection of a different sort from Resiliency. Although it doesn’t help defend a character against ordinary damage, it allows him to soak certain forms of damage against which he ordinarily would have no protection at all. System: A nova with Hardbody may use his lethal soak total to soak aggravated damage. This costs one quantum point, but the nova may activate the enhancement as an automatic feat. This enhancement stays in effect For one turn.

Regeneration: All novas heal more quickly than the human norm, but a nova with this enhancement heals even quicker than most novas. Sometimes her wounds literally close right before your eyes! System: A nova with this enhancement may spend quantum points to instantly heal bashing and lethal dam- 3ge, at the rate of one quantum point per health level iealed. Doing so is an automatic action, but the nova may leal a maximum number of health levels per turn equal to her Mega-Stamina rating. Additionally, this enhancenent allows a nova to regrow severed limbs or organs, ,ut doing so takes a very long time (weeks or months, bypically). Regeneration does not heal aggravated damage.

ResIiency: Toughened by the rigors of channeling quantum energies, the nova’s frame is even more resistant to damage than are most Mega-Stamina novas’ bodies. System: The soak bonuses provided by the nova’s Mega-Stamina rating are doubled. Thus, a nova with Mega-Stamina 3 and the Resiliency enhancement receives 6 soak against bashing, +4 against lethal damage, rather than the +3/2 bonuses available to other novas with an equivalent level of Mega-Stamina. This enhancement is “built in” and costs no quantum points to activate.


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