A Mega-Manipulative nova has the world wrapped round his little finger. He is a master at influencing )eople in many different ways, from subtle methods persuasion, personal charm, bribery) to more in-yourace tactics (intimidation, blackmail, devious trickery).

The fact that the nova is able to see through atempts to deceive or influence him is equally as imporant. Mega-Manipulative novas are so good at perceivng ways to affect others’ opinions that they can tell when iomeone else is trying to do it to them. To simulate this :ffect, each level of Mega-Manipulation adds bonus dice in addition to the standard bonus Mega-Attribute dice) o detect or resist being manipulated or tricked.

  • 1 – Stupendous: Experienced con men regard your skills with reverence. You receive one extra die on any roll to detect or resist attempts to manipulate or trick you.
  • 2 – Amazing: Even lawyers can’t twist facts and persuade others as well as you can. You receive two extra dice on any roll to detect or resist attempts to manipulate or trick you.
  • 3 – Incredible: People will follow you to the ends of the Earth if you ask them to. You receive three extra dice on any roll to detect or resist attempts to manipulate or trick you.
  • 4 - Spectacular: Odysseus would admire your cunning. You receive four extra dice on any roll to detect or resist attempts to manipulate or trick you.
  • 5 - Godlike: Loki and Anansi regard you as an equal. You receive five extra dice on any roll to detect or resist attempts to manipulate or trick you.


Hypnotic Gaze: A nova with this enhancement possesses low-level hypnotic abilities. Although not as effective as the Hypnosis or Domination powers, it’s still a useful ability when the character wants to persuade someone to do something. System: The nova must be within three meters of the person to be hypnotized, and she must make eye contact with him. If they are separated or eye contact is blocked, the attempt to hypnotize the target automatically fails. An attempt to hypnotize takes a little while – at least 10 seconds, and usually a minute or longer. The target must be willing to undertake (or at least not completely adverse to) what the nova is suggesting; Hypnotic Gaze cannot be used to make someone do something she is opposed to doing. However, the attempt to hypnotize the subject does not have to be obvious; it can, for example, be worked into normal conversation if the nova is clever. IF necessary, the Storyteller can have the target make a Manipulation or Perception roll to figure out what the nova is trying to do. Once the nova meets all these conditions, the player needs only spend a quantum point and make a Manipulation roll. If the roll succeeds, the target is hypnotized and will do as instructed. A posthypnotic suggestion can also be implanted to make the target do something (such as go to sleep or scream) when he experiences a certain outside stimulus. A posthypnotic suggestion lasts for one day per dot of Manipulation and Mega-Manipulation the nova has; thereafter it loses all effect.

Persuader: A nova with this enhancement is an expert at bringing people around to his point of view. He has an innate talent for knowing what people are thinking and subtly manipulating their opinions until they are thinking what le want them to think. He’s a spin doctor supreme. System: Whenever the nova wishes to persuade someone to change their opinion, perform a particular task, or the like, the player receives bonus successes. The exact number of successes depends upon what he is trying to persuade the target to do. If the request is something normal, relatively innocuous or harmless, the nova gets three automatic successes. Requests that involve changing strong opinions or expose the character :o minor danger, embarrassment or trouble get two automatic successes. Requests which are dangerous or :odd get the target in extreme trouble get one automatic success (and the target normally has some kind of Willpower or other resisted roll). The nova must spend a quantum point; the effects last for one request or series of related requests.

Trickster: Unlike P. 7. Barnum, you can fool all of the people all of the time. Trickery, treachery, deceit and sneakiness are your stock in trade. A nova with this enhancement possesses an intuitive talent For tricking and fooling people. She could trick Arabs into buying sand or Eskimos into buying refrigerators. Somehow she can sense a person’s vulnerabilities and “soft” spots and use them against him. No one is safe from a Trickster’s wiles. System: Whenever the nova tries to trick, Fool or deceive another character, the player receives three automatic successes on any roll necessary to the task. Usually, this roll involves Subterfuge, but other Abilities may be involved depending on the situation. The nova spends a quantum point to activate the enhancement, and the effects last for the duration oF the situation that the nova is seeking to turn to her advantage.

The Voice: Just talking to a nova with this enhancement can be dangerous. She is able to pitch her voice so that she uses infrasound and subharmonics, mixed in with her normal talk, to give nearly irresistible suggestions and commands to whomever her speech is directed at. Additionally, her voice is, in general, pleasant to listen to; her singing can be absolutely divine. System: The nova exerts a subtle mental control effect through her voice. Only one person can be affected by this ability at a time. The subject must be within 20 meters of the nova, and must be able to hear the nova – deafness on the part of the subject, or other noises that drown out the nova’s speech, prevent The Voice from being used successfully. The other major limitatio on this ability is that any order given must be one th: can be performed in one turn – “Drop the knife!” a “Untie me!”, for example, but not “Play computer game until 1 tell you to stop” or “Torture your friend to death. Any orders or suggestions that would take longer tha one turn to perform are automatically ignored by the tar get. To use The Voice, the player makes a Manipulatio roll. If he scores even one success, the attempt succeed – but the target may stop himself from following th order or suggestion. The target makes a Wits roll to re sist the command; each success he rolls counteracts on of the nova player’s successes. If the net result is zero c less, the command fails. The target may also spend on or more points of Willpower to cancel successes at a 1 rate. The player of a nova with The Voice may apply he Mega-Manipulation bonus dice to any Arts (Singing) c Perform (Singing) rolls she makes.



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