Level: 2
Quantum Minimum: 3
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Domination
Range: (Quantum + power rating) x 10 meters
Area: N\A
Duration: Concentration
Effect: Take control of target’s brainwaves; number of successes indicate degree of control.
Multiple Actions: Yes

Description: This mental power allows a nova to project his quantum consciousness into a sentient target’s brainwaves. With sufficient successes, he can make his victim do anything, up to and including killing himself. To use Domination, the nova must spend the necessary quantum points and roll Manipulation + Domination in a resisted action against the target’s Willpower. If the nova scores more successes, he succeeds in achieving control. The degree of control depends upon how many successes the nova has left after subtracting the tictim’s Willpower successes, as follows:

After control has been achieved, a character affected by Domination may roll Willpower; if she succeeds, she may then spend one point of Willpower to decrease the attack‘s effectiveness – the Willpower point reduces the successes (and thus the command intensity) by one. For example, a character who is being Dominated is told to shoot a friend. She makes a Willpower roll at normal difficulty, succeeds, then spends a point of Willpower to reduce the effect to Major. The Storyteller rules that she summons up enough strength of will to turn the gun aside and shoot a wall instead of her comrade.

In order to use Domination, the nova must be able to communicate with his subject – Domination is not inherently “telepathic.” If the target is too far away to hear a command or cannot understand a command For some reason, even Total Control may be useless.

Extras: Telepathic (Domination is telepathic – orders can be communicated automatically, without the need for speech); Parasitic Possession (nova spends three quantum and a Willpower point to discorporate and psychically possess victim; nova’s body disappears, and nova becomes a being of quantum-charged brainwaves inhabiting victim’s central nervous system; may substitute own personality For that of victim, up to the limit of the successes rolled; while in possession the nova gains the victim’s physical Traits, Appearance and nova powers, as well as his own Mental Traits, Charisma, Manipulation, Willpower and mental powers, and may leave the host body via the expenditure of a further three quantum and one Willpower point; however. If nova-possessed victim dies while nova is possessing, the nova’s consciousness dies as well; this power has a range of [Quantum t power rating] meters, and the nova mud make eye contact with the victim; victim resists with Willpower per normal Domination rules)

Successes Command Intensity
1 Minor/Quirky: Blink, eat a bug, wear a particular set of clothes.
2 Major/Noteworthy: Do the novas chores, buy lunch for someone you hate.
3 Complex/Antithetical: Worship a foreign god, follow a particular set of commands ("Fill out this for, Mail it to Wilkes-Barre, PA from Boise, Idaho, after that take a full page newspaper ad that reads …"), attack whomever the nova indicates.
4 Total Control: Commit suicide, perform any task, no matter how difficult or vile.


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