Step 1:  Choose Desired Abilities (23 points).  No ability higher than 3.
Step 2:  Calculate Skill Totals


Strength Abilities Perception Abilities Appearance Abilities
Dexterity Abilities Intelligence Abilities Manipulation Abilities
Stamina Abilities Wits Abilities Charisma Abilities

As Attributes are your character’s innate qualities, Abilities are the skills and talents that she has developed in her life (see “Abilities,” p. 136, for specifics). Abilities are rated From 1(rudimentary) to 5(superior). Abilities begin with ratings of zero, not 1 as Attributes do. You have 23 points to spend on Abilities as you choose. You may distribute Ability points on a one-for-one basis however you see fit, although individual Ability ratings cannot be higher than 3 during this phase of character creation. Bonus Points may be spent here, as they can be with Attributes.

Concept is important when deciding where to assign Ability points. A street thug probably won’t be very skilled at mingling in high society, while a marine biologist won’t likely know much about heavy weaponry. On the other hand, choosing seemingly odd Abilities can enhance your character concept; for example, the street thug might be a runaway from a rich family, or the marine biologist might have served in the Navy for years and know plenty about heavy weapons. You may choose an area of specialization within an Ability; see “Specialties,” p. 136, for more information.

Remember that, as a nova, you automatically start with three free dots in Endurance and Resistance; see the Mega-Stamina Mega-Attribute (p. 160) for details.


Character Creation

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