The Will-O-Wisps




  Zander Williams (Prometheus) 

Leader: Sabrina Aneska (Saber)

Xavier Wilson (Zombie)

Jackson Bishop (Mountain)

Noelani Bishop (Skycharger)

Brian Ross (Myth)

Founded in 2018, by Prometheus
Base of Operations: Bellevue, WA
Goal: Find the destroyers of the Great Emerald Tower.

Founded after the attack on the Great Emerald Tower in Bellevue in February of 2018.  Lead by Gunnery Seargant Sabrina Aneska (age 26), the team searches for the people responsible for the attack.  She is joined by brother and sister (Jackson Bishop (Mountain) and Noelani Bishop (Skycharger)), a thief (Xavier Wilson (Zombie)) and survivalist (Brian Ross (Myth)).

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The Will-O-Wisps

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