Session 2- Your First Night on the Town

Each of you wakes up in your bunk.  You are currently being housed in a government quarantine facility just outside Seattle. CNR Seattle Facility has developed an unfortunate reputation. The fallout of the New Galatea Virus was that quarantine facilities like this were setup in every major city throughout the world.  Any one suspected of being in contact with a Nova was quarantined and tested for Nova abilities.  You have been at the facility for 3 or 4 days.  (Each player can decide if there presence was voluntary or not.) So far they have subjected you to numerous tests and grilled you about your personal life.  The only comfort is that you are not alone.  When you are not being probed or interrogated you have been aloud to briefly mingle in some of the common areas.

The doctors have kept you a bit longer than the others to inoculate you from any further exposure.The exam room is large with maybe 20 beds arranged evenly through the room. Most of the beds are empty but you spot the uncomfortable faces of some of the other novas you met over the last couple of days.  Finally Dr. Pearson returns and tells you that you are free to go however she may require that you return soon to run a few more tests.

Each of you leaves and returns to your life.  That evening you receive a text that reads, "DANGERMANOLIN5PM" (Players can roll INT+Streetwise to interpret this)


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Session 2- Your First Night on the Town

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