Session 1 - Character Creation

Character Creation

*Go over the rules of Aberrant. For those who have not read the timeline go over in broad strokes what has transpired.  

*Help players come up with a concept for their characters. Who were they before they became Nova's? Examples include: (See page 112)

  • Student (High School, College, etc)
  • Soldier (Military rank and occupation?)
  • Starving Musician
  • Affluent or Idle Rich person
  • Pastor or monk
  • Criminal
  • Police Officer
  • Doctor
  • An Average Joe

*Next give some ideas of the kind of Nova you want to make.  What triggered your eruption? (See page 119)

Before moving forward run the idea by your Story Teller.

*So what is it like being a Nova in Seattle 2017?  The Galatea Virus and its more recent iteration have correlated Nova's with plague and death.  The government has fueled this fear further with anti-nova propaganda and legislation.  The president has even proposed that those identified as novas should be relegated to a quarantine area in New Mexico to protect the general populous. So far this bill has not gone anywhere but it remains a real possibility.  Religious groups have come out strongly against Novas, some even suggesting that Novas are demons or agents of the devil.  Hate crimes against Novas are on the rise.  Seattle feels like an occupied city. Life goes on, people go to work, go to bars and to church, but there is an ever present feeling of oppression that has settled over the city.  

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Session 1 - Character Creation

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