Xavier Wilson (Zombie)

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Martial Arts:3, Survival:3, Brawl: 1, Drive:1, Awareness:3, Intimidation: 3, Streetwise: 3, Subterfuge: 3, Endurance:3, Resistance:3
Attunement:1 , Dormancy:3, Eufiber:1, Resources:2
Disintegrate 1
Homunculus 1

Willpower: 3
Quantum: 5
Quantum Points: 30


Born in Eastern Washington, Xavier was one of five children born to the late great biologist Evangeline Wilson. She was the first to map the epi-genome. A break through that lead to the cure of many genetic deformities and ailments.
When Xavier was young, he and his brother Walker would laugh at the changing world and make believe that they were heroes. Walker was the yin to Xavier’s yang. The former was an intellectual, the latter a charismatic comedian. Best friends. Xavier age 20, Walker age 23.
But 3 years ago, Walker who had finished school and was living with Xavier, called him. He was in some sort of trouble. Walker had had some issue with drugs. He said some guys were after him. Xavier, told him to meet him at the river need the gabled bridge. As he approached the bridge, the streetlight shone down on the fight that was already underway. Xavier was a trained martial artist, he ran into the frey. He fought but then he saw a pair of glowing eyes. When he awoke the next day. He was in the hospital. A strange wild looking man was outside his room. The police were trying to talk to him. He was gruff and just grumbled that he had found the boy. Maybe the man was homeless. The policeman, came into the room. “Mr. Wilson?”
“Yes” said Xavier quietly. “Where is my brother?”
“You are lucky to be alive. According to Mr. Ross, he saw you and your brother being attacked by some sort of Nova. I am afraid we could not find and sign of your brother.”

Xavier, felt weird and scared. “I don’t feel… right”
The police officer said, “This won’t take long. Did you get a good look at any of your attackers? Would you be able to pick them out of a lineup?”
“Maybe,” said Xavier
The officer left. That night, as Xavier was getting up. He noticed that his skin was not stretching like it should. He thought he was just dehydrated but it was the early signs that his Nova power had awakened.
In the years that followed, the search for his brother and his brother’s killers became all consuming. He had turned himself into a criminal. He even feigned a drug problem to keep tabs on the local drug gangs. But to date he has found no sign of his brother nor the people who attacked him.
Xavier uses his unique gifts to operate as thief. He can break of a hand and send it through cracks, sewers, chimneys and otherwise impossible entry points for a full grown human.

Xavier Wilson (Zombie)

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