Dorsey Blackale (Myth)

Now you see me... Now your dead.


Born on the island of Inis Bigil off the coast of Ireland in 2205, Dorsey traveled around the Irish countryside with his parents. As members of the Kelley Troupe, they would travel from city to city performing plays and songs. Many of their songs were of the Fae and the creatures of the dark forest. Acting and singing did not always pay the bills so sometimes they would do a little thieving as well. Dorsey’s father Rory called it a culture tax. So Dorsey grew, he learned to manage the caravan, take care of the horses, sing, dance, act and maybe pick a few pockets. One night, shortly after Dorsey’s 16th birthday, while on the road to Belfast, their carriage was attacked by a pack of giant wild wolves. As he was running through the woods, the beasts on his heals, Dorsey felt a sharp pain in his forehead. He closed his eyes and when he opened them he was many miles away. It took him a full day to walk back to the camp. What he saw, was horrific, his parents and friends, all dead. Now he studies the hunt, he watches for signs of the great beasts. He waits for the moment when he can exact his full revenge.


Concept: Rogue
Demeanor: Rebel
Nature: Caregiver




Academics:1, Acting:1, Animal Ken:1 Archery:1, Athletics:1, Awareness:1, Brawl:1, Business:0, Crafting:0, Dodge:1, Empathy:1, Endurance:1, Etiquette:1
Fire Arms:1, Herbalism:1, Interrogation:0, Intimidation:0, Larceny:1 Law:1, Leadership:1, Linguistics:1, Martial Arts:0, Medicine:0, Melee:1, Might:0, Music:0 Driving:1
Occult:1, Politics:0, Rapport:0, Resistance:0, Ride:0, Science:0, Seneschal:0, Stealth:1, Style:0, Subterfuge:1, Survival:1, Tracking:1, Trading:1

Mentor:0 , Cipher:0, Dormancy:4, Eufiber:0, Resources:2, Followers:0, Allies:0,Contacts:1, Attunement:1,Node:2

Invulnerability 1 (Broad Category – Physical Attacks)
Teleport 1
Psychic Shield 1

Hunted: 2 Flaw
Internal Compass: 1 Merit
Ambidextrous 1 Merit

Humanity: 7
Quantum Level: 3
Quantum Pool: 24
Willpower: 5
Taint Level:1 (Anima Banner appears when he uses his powers)

Initiative: Dex+Wits (8)
Size: Medium
Speed: Walk(7 meters), Run (27 meters), Sprint (38 meters)

Health Levels:
Bruised: 3
Hurt(-1): 1
Injured(-2): 1
Wounded(-3): 1
Crippled(-4): 1
Incapacitated: 1

*Weapons Difficulty Damage *
Broadsword 6 Str+4
Dagger(Silver) 4 Str+1
Short Bow 8 3

Light Armor +1

Earned Experience: 8
Spent Experience: 8 (5 tainted exp points on a level of Quantum, 3 exp points on Psychic Shield)

Dorsey Blackale (Myth)

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