Brian Ross (Myth)

Wild Energy. He has a lot of it.


Powers: Shapeshift, Animal/Plant Mastery, Healing
Mega Attributes: Mega-Stamina

Address: 37580 Winery Rd, Snoqualmie,Cabin 1, WA 98065
Works: Snoqualmie State Park, 37580 Winery Rd, Snoqualmie, WA 98065

Brian lives in a cabin on the Snoqualmie reserve with his pet Nova Hamster, Geoff.



Born Brandon O’Ross, Myth, lived the better part of his life in Ireland. As a young man he fell in with a bad group and ended up having to leave Ireland for legal reasons. When he first came to the states he was overwhelmed by the shear scale of it. There was so much to see and explore. He was dead poor so often lived out of a tent, hitchhiking or taking buses from one town to the next. Finally he reached the Evergreen State. There he met and married Content Not Found: aponi. She was an avid hiker and mountaineer. She taught him a lot about the Cascade Mountains. She worked for the US Geological Society and was tasked with monitoring the volcanic activity around the cascades. Together Brian and Aponi climbed to the very rim of every mountain peak. Aponi was not a Nova but she was a native American. She had grown up on the Nisqually Indian Reservation. Brian’s abilities where so similar to those of her Nisqually Myths that she embraced them. Often she would be seen hiking with a variety of animals.
Five years ago, the two were hiking the trail from Paradise on Mt. Rainier to the Summit when tragedy occurred. As they were crossing an ice field, Aponi fell through and into a crevasse. Her line broke and she hurtled 250 ft to the crevasse floor. Brian went to into reclusion for several years afterward and still spends most of his time in the wild.

He now teaches survival and mountaineering in the Cascade Mountains. While he rents a small apartment in North Bend, he spends most of his time living amongst nature in the Mt. Si Park.


Brian Ross (Myth)

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