Aberrant Seattle

The Orange King

A Time and Place

Our story begins as most great stories begin, with a Robot fighting a Dinosaur.

Actually it doesn't.  It starts with a chance encounter.  Each of the players has randomly met a man who calls himself Corvelius in the past week.  The man exudes confidence and is apparently quite wealthy.  While he seems pleasant enough there is something not quite right about him. After a brief and benign conversation Corvelius tells each of you how rare and talented you seem.  For different and unknown reasons he has offered each of you a job with his Import/Export business.  He realizes that you have little or no experience but he says that he has a special eye for talent and he thinks you would be a great asset to the company.  When asked what the job entails he says simply that it will be an education like nothing you have had before. You would start at 6 figures with exceptional benefits.  

*1(Characters either politely decline or indicate they need to think about it)  



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