Aberrant Seattle

Let's Make Some Characters
Meet and greet


  • Sean Scully (Game Master)
  • Jeremy Scully
  • Hannah
  • Benson


Sean explained the Campaign (Timeline) and walked the players through Character Creation.

Discussed next meetings

Sanctuary - The Guardians of Hope
Session 1 - Scene 2

"Go now Sen and get Yeris !! I'll handle this.  Standing almost seven feet tall the guard is one of the largest people you have ever seen. (Then again you haven't seen a lot) He is barrel chested and wearing army fatigues.  He is carrying a baton and has some kind of sidearm on his belt.

"RETURN TO YOUR ROOM AND GET BACK IN YOUR BEDS NOW!"  He commands and leaves no room for disagreement.


The guard beyond the door is a seasoned fighter. Having fought with the Pastor in the West Clan Wars he was once a formidable opponent.  Still skilled Maurice is older and not quite as quick as he once was.  Of course his loyalty to the Pastor lends him certain advantages.  He can grown scaly armor and can breathe fire. Doing so will reveal is demonic patronage.


Where the Hell are we?
Session 1 - Scene 1

(Benson) You open your eyes a little and feel a twinge of pain. The soft light from the kerosene lantern on the table next to your bed is piercing. The air is cold and musty and clings to your skin like a sickness.  As your eyes begin to adjust you look through the dim light of the room and see several more beds adjacent to yours and lining the wall across from you. Most of the beds seem to be occupied. You hold your head for a few moments trying to wring the pain out of it. Finally either the throbbing in your head is weakening or the aching in the rest of your body is getting stronger. The pain and fatigue are almost to much. You want to just go back to sleep but you can't.  There is an alarm going off in your head.  You realize you have no idea where you are or why. In fact as you labor to understand you realize you cannot even remember your name.  Something is wrong. That much you are certain of.  Laboring to find answers  you take a closer look at the room.  It's large with at least a dozen beds.  The walls of the room are concrete with areas of flaking blue paint. No Windows and only a single door.  The door looks to be reinforced steel and there is no handle.  It is not meant to be opened from this side you surmize.  Nothing moves in the room except the faint flicker of flames from the few lanterns burning. 

You hear the latch on the door click and some kind of machinery seems to turn and then the door slowly opens. You instinctively close your eyes and wait silently.  Unsure why a feeling of terror creeps into your mind.  You hear two whispered voices.

"What are the readings? says a weasily mans voice.

A gruff voice states simply , "Nothing yet" "This wasn't meant for them.  We don't know if it will work. Even if it does it may not tell us enough."

The weasily voice says "Yhey should be waking soon. My guess is tomorrow or the next day."

"We better have answers by then Ghes. The Pastor will be here and you can't disappoint him again." 

"Nnnnooo I can't." you detect the fear in the weasily voice. 

Tell Yeris and Cal to increase the guards tomorrow morning. We wouldn't want our pets making a mess." says the gruff man.

I'm going to the Labyrinth to check the cattle. Make sure the the tubes are all in and then find Yeris. He's probably sleeping in that slut Dedra's quarters on the west end.

You hear someone leave and the sounds of someone else moving around the room.  At one point he comes close to your bed and he gently pulls your right arm from under the tattered blanket. His hands feel like claws. he pulls on a long black tube and you realize the tube is connected to your arm.   He twists the tube a little and then you hear him sniffing close to your face. Some how you hold back and he eventually backs away and heads back out the door.  You hear the door shut and the rolling mechanical sound and click of the lock.


Introducing the Will-O-Wisps!
Stars and Starters - Session 1


In the inaugural session, the players are introduced to Zander Williams (Prometheus) , a billionaire nova and CEO of Magnus Corp.  In the opening scene, Zander is on his way into the office to deal with a terrorist threat against his company.  Almost at the very time he is berating his President of Media Relations on the what he thinks of as a hoax and a waster of time, the Emerald Edifice is destroyed.  

Zander contacts his special agents, Jackson Bishop (Mountain) and Sabrina Aneska (Saber) and tasks them with finding the terrorists responsible.  At this point the story shifts and they begin to gather additional agents for work ahead.  They pick up a young college student, Noelani Bishop (Skycharger), who happens to be sister to Jackson Bishop (Mountain).  

Once aboard the ship, the Will-O-Wisp, they head out to pick up the criminal, Xavier Wilson (Zombie).   Consumed with solving the mystery of his brothers disappearance, he has spent years making himself a criminal.  Though initially reluctant, he joins the 'Wisps with the promise that they will help him uncover the answers he is looking for.

Finally, we switch to the reclusive Dorsey Blackale (Myth).  In the woods near the top of Mt. Si, 3 hikers are attacked by a giant black grizzly bear.  Soon after it is clear that this no bear, but a shape shifting Nova.  When the nova shifts between Bear, Man and Condor, a patch on jacket can be seen.  It says (BOT-K). Brian follows the beast to the parking lot where he is attacked by military agents.  At this point, the Will-O-Wisp shows up and the fight takes a turn.  When the dust clears, 7 federal agents (fbi) are dead.  5 of these men look like clones and they seemingly disintegrate into nothingness shortly after they die.  On the captain, they find an ipad with pictures of the 3 scientists and all 5 members of the Will-O-Wisps.  They are apparently suspects in the terrorist attack ont he Emerald Edifice.  Later this news in confirmed on the news.  They just killed 7 federal agents and there is video of all of them entering the Emerald Tower prior to the explosion.

Details: Stars and Starters

Finished on: TURNING POINT #2 Change of Plans


Myths and Legends
A prelude to Brian Ross story.

1. Brian Ross (Myth) has been hiding out in the woods surrounding Northbend, WA.  Sightings of a great bear around Mt. Si suggest that he has set up a camp and is laying low.  It is a bright, cold early morning in January.  You've been sleeping in a cave near the summit of Mt. Si, your massive bear form keeping you warm at night.   Hikers generally start to hit the trail early so you anticipate their arrival.  This morning, you can hear the sounds of several hikers coming up the trail.  It sounds like two men and a young woman.  The men are arguing about something and the woman seems to be out ahead of them on the trail.  You also sense something else, something big, moving within the forest and off the trail.  The animals seem uneasy.

2. You can hear the men better now, their voices are nearly shouts.  One of the men is  saying, "What are we going to do with Caster?  I think he suspects us."   The predator in you senses that something is about to happen and in the next moment there comes a roar and then a high scream.  The men's voices are loud.  "TERESA!"  They both yell.  Gun shot start to go off like popcorn.

3.  As you approach you hear the men screaming and their gun shots start fall off.  Then you see the body of a woman, it is gored and lifeless and through the trees, you see an enormous Black Bear.  Probably 15 feet on its hind legs, it has one of the men it's jaws and the other, lays lifeless.


The Orange King
A Time and Place

Our story begins as most great stories begin, with a Robot fighting a Dinosaur.

Actually it doesn't.  It starts with a chance encounter.  Each of the players has randomly met a man who calls himself Corvelius in the past week.  The man exudes confidence and is apparently quite wealthy.  While he seems pleasant enough there is something not quite right about him. After a brief and benign conversation Corvelius tells each of you how rare and talented you seem.  For different and unknown reasons he has offered each of you a job with his Import/Export business.  He realizes that you have little or no experience but he says that he has a special eye for talent and he thinks you would be a great asset to the company.  When asked what the job entails he says simply that it will be an education like nothing you have had before. You would start at 6 figures with exceptional benefits.  

*1(Characters either politely decline or indicate they need to think about it)  


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