The Galatea: 2006

Maybe you were under rock.  Maybe you spent the last 8 years in some god forsaken wilderness. Maybe in your little world nothing ever happened. If you're reading this those days of blissful ignorance are over.  Most people say it started with the Galatea Satellite Explosion in 2006.  Who knows.  We know that when the Galatea exploded it rained radioactive materials all over the globe.  The main wreck from the debri of the Galatea hit near downtown Eugene Oregon on March 4th, 2006. Thousands died.  

The Epidemic:2006-2007

It was odd.  It started with a few of the scientists and construction workers who worked the Eugene crash sight.  What is strange is how long the virus was dormant.  The first reported infected person was Carol Tore', a scientist.  She had no symptoms for almost 4 months. The second victim was Charlie Morse a day laborer who drove a loader at the site and he had been infected for over 6 months.  The two had never met and some of their symptoms were different. Later the CDC said the Galatea Virus was unlike any disease ever studied, it was natures stealth virus.  The host was infectious for months before showing any symptoms which allowed the disease to be virtually un-containable. You know what happened then.  Suddenly people are sick and dying by the thousands. It seemed so random.  This goes on for a little over a year.  By the end the epidemic is worldwide and nearly 7% of the world population has died.  Then the virus changed. Maybe it had done all it could and mutation was the only way it could survive, maybe, but we know that the dying stopped.  Now the virus had a strange effect, it mutated a couple of genes in the host that are tied to the M-R node in the brain.  For most people this was completely undetectable but for others it would have a profound and radical effect.  


The First Nova: 2008
In March 2008 Mark DeWitte, a part time delivery person for a Seattle Manufacturing company is in a traffic accident.  The delivery truck has a blow out and suddenly veers off of an elevated freeway off ramp. Mark and the truck plummet 40ft. The truck is completely destroyed.  Within the wreckage rescuers find Mark unconscious but unhurt.  They rush him to a local hospital where doctors conduct numerous tests.  While Mark is not injured they discover a number of strange things have happened.  His eyes have changes and appear as luminescent diamonds.  He reports that he can still see and in fact his vision seems improved but the mutation is permanent.  7 months later there is a national story about a middle-aged HR exec surviving a rock climbing accident.  Witnesses said she flew. Over the next 3 years reports make more common.  One CNN poll in 2011 reported that their were over 8000 Novas worldwide.  Of course that was before the New Galatea Virus.
The New Galatea Virus: 2012
Nature gives and nature takes away.  The Galatea virus thought to be relegated to the past like Small Pox was just in hibernation.  When it emerged in February of 2012 it appeared to target Nova's exclusively.  A minority born of tragedy Nova's were all but wiped from the planet.  In 2012 if you discovered you were a Nova it was very much like your doctor telling you that you had cancer. By 2014 3/4 of the world's Nova population had died.  Those who survived were often quarantined in makeshift facilities throughout the country.  The CDC was especially alarmed by the New Galatea Virus because they could not determine how it was transmitted.  By 2015 it seemed to have run its course and most Nova's were allowed to leave.  However since the rise of the Orange King the New Galatea Virus has been used as an excuse to imprison and test Novas.


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