Level: 2
Quantum Minimum: 3
Dice Pool: Perception + Telepathy
Range: Line of sight or Special
Area: N/A
Duration: Concentration
Effect: Allows characters to read minds, scan for minds and change memories.
Multiple Actions: No

Description:  This versatile and efficient power grant a nova several related abilities which typically manifest as "mental powers."  A telepathic nova is able to use his quantum consciousness to read the minds of others and perform similar tasks.

Specifically, Telepathy can do three things: read another person's mind and "talk" with him mentally, sense other minds and alter another person's memories.  For each use, the player must pay the required quantum points and roll Perception + Telepathy; the more successes he gets; the greater the nova's degree of power.

Telepathy can be used to read and communicate with any mind within range, provided the nova can establish a line of sight to his target.  A character whose mind is being read is automatically aware of that fact and of who is doing the reading.  Each success achieved on the Perception + Telepathy roll allows the telepath to find and read one fact per action. Thus, with five successes a nova could find and “read” Five facts per action. The Storyteller may, in his discretion, rule that some facts are so well-hidden that they require multiple successes to find and read. For example, intimate or very personal thoughts might require three successes each; criminal activities or information with which the character could be blackmailed require four successes each and the deepest, most hidden thoughts or facts require five successes each. Mental conversation takes place at the same rate as normal conversation, but Telepathy overcomes the language barrier – two characters who cannot speak to each other verbally because they don’t know the same languages can communicate without difficulty using Telepathy.

Telepathy can also be used to scan for another person’s mind or “mental signature.” The telepath may find a specific mind within a variable distance, provided he scores at least one success on his roll. That one success tells him the person’s general location and direction, but nothing more. The more successes, the more ~ precisely the location can be determined. A telepath must have a specific mind to search for. If he can only describe the mind “generically” (“l’m looking for the mind of the nearest UN official”), the difficulty of the roll increases by one or more (Storyteller’s discretion). Once he finds the victim’s mind, the telepath may attempt mental communication/ reading normally.

Telepathic Scanning

Successes Distance
1 2 kilometers
2 20 kilometers
3 200 kilometers
4 2000 kilometers
5 20000 kilometers
Each success beyond five multiplies the scanning distance by a factor of 10  

Lastly, Telepathy can be used to alter existing memories or false memories. The number of successes needed to alter or implant a memory depends upon how important that memory is.

Successes Memory
1 Trivial Memories: What you did yesterday, your favorite food.
2 Minor Memories: Your birthday or anniversary, crucial job facts
3 Important Memories: Vital personal facts, blackmail information, insider information.
4 Very Important Memories: Security Codes, National Security Info

Extras: Surreptitious (victim will not be aware his mind is being read if nova does not wish him to be); Telepathic Channeling (the telepath may use other mental powers, such as Domination, Mental Blast or Mirage, through a telepathic link, regardless of distance between the telepath and target).


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