Sizemorph (Shrink)

Level: 2
Quantum Minimum: 1
Dice Pool: N/A
Range: Self
Area: N/A
Duration: Maintenance
Effect: Each level halves height and reduces mass to 1/8 normal, adds one to all Stealth attempts and increases difficulty to hit character by one.
Multiple Actions: Yes

Description: Sizemorph (Shrink) allows a nova to become smaller and lighter than normal – sometimes much smaller. Each dot of (Quantum + Sizemorph (Shrink)) reduces a nova’s height by half and his mass to 1/8 of normal. Furthermore, each (Quantum + Sizemorph (Shrink)) level adds one die to all Stealth attempts and increases the difficulty to hit the character with attacks by one. Sizemorph (Shrink) also has less tangible benefits, such as allowing a character to fit inside small pipes, crawl under doors and be carried in a friend’s pocket.

Each level of Sizemorph (Shrink) reduces the character’s Strength and offensive powers by one dot (to a minimum of l), though not against creatures who are likewise shrunk or just very small. Additionally, each level of Sizemorph (Shrink) halves the character’s walking/ running and swimming movement rates while he is shrunk (but not other modes of movement, like Flight or the expansion of running provided by Hyperrunning). By greatly decreasing the character’s mass, Sizemorph (Shrink) also makes it easier to throw the character, knock him around with attacks or bowl him over with gusts of wind.

Extras: Full Power (character’s Strength and offensive capabilities do not decrease as he shrinks)



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