Quantum Imprint

Quantum lmprint

Level: 3
Quantum Minimum: 4
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Quantum lmprint
Range: Touch
Area: N\A
Duration: Maintenance
Effect: Copies the powers and abilities of character touched.
Multiple Actions: No

Description: Quantum lmprint allows a nova to copy the quantum signature of another nova. By touching another nova, he can duplicate some or all of that nova’s powers in himself. The nova touched does not lose any of his powers or suffer any injury.

To use Quantum Imprint, the nova must make a Dexterity + Quantum lmprint roll to touch the victim. If the touch succeeds, the nova may copy one of the victim’s Attributes, skills, abilities or powers for each dot he has in Quantum lmprint – but he may only copy them up to his number of dots in Quantum Imprint. For example, if a nova has Quantum lmprint 2 and wants to copy two of another nova’s powers, he may do so, but he only gets two dots in each power, even if the other nova has five dots in them. He may also never gain more dots or use the power at a greater level of effect than the target nova – for example, if a nova with Quantum 5 and Quantum lmprint 5 steals a Quantum Bolt from a nova with Quantum 2 and Quantum Bolt 2, the Quantum Bolt can inflict no greater damage than permitted with Quantum 2 and Quantum Bolt 2. The nova must also pay one more quantum point to use a stolen power than he would have to pay if he had that power “naturally.”Thus, the nova in the previous example would have to pay three quantum points to throw his copied Quantum Bolt.

Furthermore, when using his imprinted powers, the nova may only roll the base Attribute – he does not get to roll any dice for the power itself. For example, if a nova imprinted two dots’ worth of Quantum Bolt, he would roll only his Dexterity, not Dexterity + Quantum Bolt, when determining the power’s effects.

Extras: None


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Quantum Imprint

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