Level: 2
Quantum Minimum: 2
Dice Pool: N/A
Range: Self
Area: N/A
Duration: Maintenance
Effect: Character surrounds his body with a damaging effect; anyone who touches the nova takes (Quantum + power rating) x 2 dice of bashing damage or (Quantum + power rating) dice of lethal damage.
Multiple Actions: Yes

Description: This power, a variant of Quantum Bolt, allows a nova to surround himself with flame, electricity, raw quantum forces or some other dangerous substance. The player must choose when he buys the power precisely what surrounds the nova, and this decision cannot change thereafter.

When a nova Immolates, he damages anything he touches, or anything that touches him. His touch inflicts Quantum + (power rating x 3) dice of bashing damage, or Quantum + (power rating x 2) dice OF lethal damage. The player must choose upon purchasing the lmmolate power whether the effect is bashing or lethal, and this decision cannot be changed thereafter.

If the nova deliberately tries to touch someone, doing so counts as an attack. However, the nova can use a normal close combat attack (such as a punch) and also cause damage from Immolate without the use OF lmmolate counting as a separate action. Similarly, anyone who touches or grabs the character automatically takes the lmmolate damage. This damage does not count as an action or attack by the nova.

lmmolate can be extremely effective in combat, but it can also cause problems, since anything the nova touches takes damage. 1f he bumps into an innocent bystander, smashes through a wall or gas pump or simply walks down the street, he damages those people and objects – with potentially disastrous results.

Extras: Variable (Immolate may be either of two damaging substances; character may switch between them as an action); Aggravated (Immolate inflicts [power rating] levels of aggravated damage)



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