The Following is a number of terms used in the rules that new players may not be familiar with. Each is described in more detail elsewhere in the book.

Character Terms:

Aberration: An odd or detrimental physical or mental quirk gained as a side effect of excessive Taint.

Ability: A Trait describing learning, knowledge or applied experience in a given area. Abilities are added to Attributes to determine your character’s skill totals.

Allegiance: The order, government or organization to which your character belongs.

Attribute: A Trait that describes your character’s basic characteristics; a reflection of raw, natural capability.

Enhancement: A specialization of a Mega-Attribute that enables you to perform certain superhuman feats.

Experience Points: Points awarded by the Storyteller as “reward” for achieving the story’s objective or playing a character well. Experience points can be spent to add new Traits or raise existing ones.

Extras: 1) Special Traits that can be added to quantum powers to enhance their efficiency. 2) The characters (created and played by the Storyteller) with whom the team interacts, from simple passersby and bit characters to trusted allies and dangerous enemies.

Group: The players who adopt the personas of characters involved in the stories told.

Mega-Attribute: A Trait that allows a character’s normal Attribute to extend into the superhuman range.

Nature: Your character’s core being, her emotional personality.

Quality: A remarkable aspect of one or more of your character’s Attributes.

Quantum: A measure of your character’s power over the fundamental forces of the universe. Quantum Points: Points representing residual quantum energy, which a nova expends to activate her powers.

Quantum Pool: The maximum number of quantum points a nova can store under normal circumstances.

Quantum Power: A special manifestation of Quantum your character can generate; for example, flying, generating gravity fields, and projecting force bolts are all considered quantum powers.

Skill Total: The combined rating of an Ability and its base Attribute. Skill total determines the number of dice you roll (called a “dice pool”) when your character performs an action.

Soak: Your character’s ability to withstand damage and physical trauma.

Specialty: An area of expertise within an Ability.

Storyteller: The person who creates and guides the game by assuming the roles of all characters not taken by the players, and the person who determines all events beyond the players’ control. Taint: A score indicating the degree of change wrought on a nova’s mind and body by the channeling of quantum energies.

Team: Specifically refers to the characters within the game, not the individuals playing them. Trait: Any Attribute, Ability, Advantage or other index with a rating.

Willpower: Your character’s self-confidence and moral center


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