Security Chief Hank Oneal

The Security Chief for the CNR


Standing almost 6’8 Hank Oneal is an imposing figure. In his late 40’s he has a commanding presence. He is accustomed to giving orders and having them followed.


Born and raised in Chicago Hank was a star linebacker for the Illinois State University for three years. After 911 he dropped out of college and joined the marines. He then spent 15 years as a soldier and when he returned to the states he began working private security. He lost a cousin in the Galatea Epidemic and his wife to the New Galatea Virus. So when the CDC started the CNR and were looking for someone to run security in Seattle he jumped at the chance. It became somewhat complicated when in 2015 during a routine screen he discovered he had the Nova MR-Node. Believing in the CNR’s cause he explained the situation to the Director Jillian Peraten. She had him tested and ultimately he was reinstated as Security Chief.

Security Chief Hank Oneal

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