Aurora Rhiel (Mirror)

Mirror has the power to copy other Nova's powers


Powers: Quantum Leech, Quantum Imprint, Quantum Vampire
Mega Attributes: MegaStamina, MegaDexterity, MegaIntelligence, MegaAppearance
Backgrounds: Allies,Cipher,Contacts,Node,Resources
Experience: 0

Address: 132 43rd Ave N, Apt 4B, Freemont WA 98103
Works at: Mirror Investigations 132 43rd Ave N, Apt 4A, Freemont WA 98103

Aurora lives alone with a tabby cat named Luther. She works in the converted apartment below with her friend Colleen.


Mirror was born Gabriel Simone in Queens New York. Her father, Michael, was a police captain, her mother, Joan, an elementary school teacher. By the time Aurora was 3 years old, she had been identified as a prodigy. She was enrolled in the prestigious Wellington School of North Brooklyn. She excelled and was happy.
One night, 3 days before her 7th birthday, a couple of uniformed police, including her father’s old partner Dave McConnell, showed up at her door. She and her mother were told that her father had disappeared. A few weeks later his body showed up near the East River in New Jersey. It was a possible Mob hit. For that reason, Gabriel and her mother Joan, were put into witness protection. They moved to Seattle, WA and Gabriel became Aurora Rhiel. For her safety, she was forced to attend public school. Her mother “helped” her with her homework. She helped her blend in. Her mother, now going by the name Rita, was re-married to a local restaurant owner Adam Greyson. Greyson, unaware of Aurora and Rita’s past, gave the two a home and a father figure.
By the time Aurora was 15, she was an autodidact in the fields of Investigation and Forensic research. She graduated top of her class at 17. Vowing to find her father’s killer and bring him to justice she applied for the police academy that very summer and was accepted.
Graduating from Seattle’s police academy with top honors, Aurora became a patrolwoman at the Twelfth Precinct. Still early in her career, she rescued Colleen Warren from a White Center gun battle, and the two soon became best friends. Sometime later, Aurora encountered terrorists attempting to bomb a bank; she retrieved the bomb, but it exploded as she was running away. When she awoke in the hospital she felt different. The doctor’s believed she was lucky to have escaped with her life. Despite the enhanced stamina and quick recovery, Aurora’s was removed from active patrol duty, and she resigned rather than accept a desk job. Depressed over these developments, she was encouraged by Colleen to again take an active role in life, and the two eventually became partners in a private investigation firm, Mirror Investigations .

She would later team up with another crime fighter, Shaw Morgana (Wix). Wix helped het to control her abilities and she soon found that she could hold her own against the criminals of Seattle. Aurora is one of the founders of The Scions.

Recently, she has met Gwendolen O’Shea (Pageant). She was investigating a slew of robberies and apartment invasions in Gwen’s neighborhood. Neither is currently aware that the other is a nova.

Aurora Rhiel (Mirror)

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