Dr. Veronica Pearson

Doctor at CNR Seattle


No-Nonsense. Veronica is friendly but she is focused. Like most of the staff at the CNR the main concern and focus of their research is preparing for the potential that the Galatea virus adapt and begin attacking normal humans with the same ferocity it did Novas. If that happens it would be worse than any plague in history.


Veronica (Vicki) Pearson has worked at the CNR (Center for Nova Research) since its inception in 2009. Her 17 year old son had been a Nova and died from the New Galatea Virus. She had been working for the CDC at the time and she is driven to identify the correlation between the MR Node and the Galetea Viruses. However she spends more time collecting data now then studying it. Seattle has an unusual number of Nova’s that survived the virus.

Dr. Veronica Pearson

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